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iOS 17.2 appears to break certain Shortcuts

Recently I’ve been experimenting again with iOS Shortcuts. While there is a lot of value to be had from the automation, there are certainly still some rough edges.

It appears I’ve been unlucky enough to stumble on another of those rough edges as part of the iOS 17.2 update.

As I posted back in October, one of my recent Shortcuts is to prepare my iPad for playing Wordle. I use Notes to record my Wordle games and some hints I’ve built up over months of playing.

I’ve been using this Shortcut daily the last couple of months and while there has been some wrinkles to iron out, it has always functioned. Not the day after I updated to iOS 17.2. Trying to launch it simply freezes Shortcuts. Same behaviour if I try to edit it.

So far the only solution I’ve found is to recreate it as a new Shortcut.

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